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Link MSEs to providers ofBusiness Development Support Services
Facilitate recording of SME section services and products
Cacilitate acquisiton of suitable land and infrastructure for MSE activities
Faclitating capacity building in organisations promoting MSE development
Engendering the MSE sector i.e Encouraging active gender participation in Micro and small enterprises.
Development of strategies for promotion of Business development services and other support services

Capacity building for umbrells MSE organisations promoting development
 Mobilisation of MSEs to indicate formation of MSE clusters and Saccos
 Encouranging and promoting active gender participation in MSE development

Corporate Social Reesponsibilities

Is a process with the aim to embrace responsibility for the county;s actions and encourage a positive impact throught its activities on environment,communities and stakeholders


It is the highest peak in south western Kenya region, source of major rivers from the white highlands of Gusii, draining into Lake Victoria. As the highest peak in the southwestern Kenya region, Kiabonyoru is a vantage point for scenery viewing & site-seeing. From atop the hill one will have a clear aerial view of the low lying areas as far as the Homa Hills & Lake Victoria in the West. To the East are the expansive Sotik Highland Tea Estates forming a green carpet below. Farther South spreads the plains of the Masai Mara National Reserve. Numerous other leisure & recreation activities that can be carried out are such as picnicking, Riverine Tourism- a visit to the source of River Kuja, village/rural Tourism and a good site for Youth Retreats at Kiabonyoru High School. The weaknesses & threats are as given in the Matrix.

Also one of the peaks of the south western Kenya region after Kiabonyoru, overlooking Magura Tea Estates. The nearest market place is Kenyenya, in between Keroka & Kebirigo. Among other opportunities, the tea plantations below give a unique resource for ecotourism development. Agritourism is one type of ecotourism where tourists travel to a destination to experience & learn agricultural practices of the local communities. Tourists can come to the area to learn & experience how tea is produced throw the various stages until it is packaged for the market. There exists a chance for hot air ballooning to enjoy an aerial view of the tea plantations and the surrounding villages. This is only possible when the atmosphere is still. Other opportunities for tourism development include the putting up of a conservancy for Nature Based Tourism, Nyabisimba Schools facilities can be utilized for Youth Retreats & hiking or hill climbing and trekking across the hills. Challenges to development of the place include, but not limited to encroachment & land fragmentation. Security & safety to the tourists is also not assured. Communication network is weak even though the place is elevated. For more information, watch the video clips provided.

This is a site downstream River Kuja, approximately 30km from the source. This site downstream River Kuja has great potential for Riverine tourism, white water rafting/cascading and swimming. Other recreation activities may include fishing & picnicking. Cultural tourism development is possible as the site has the only remnant of the cereal grinding water mill. The weakness to this is abandonment of the water mill due to modern posho mills.

Also a site downstream River Kuja approximately 25km from the source. This area is a riparian with wide enough space for the damming of River Kuja. The area has in the recent past been earmarked by the National government for the same purpose. The dam can be used to develop leisure & recreation products such as water sports stadium (Hydro stadium) for water activities e.g. boating, swimming, fishing, rafting & diving. Aquaculture is also a likely opportunity to be developed. However the surrounding community is skeptical of the government plans on the plain in question. This calls for a community sensitization session.