Friday, June, 22, 2018



The objectives of the ministry will be:-

  • Facilitation of the implementation of Kenya vision 2030 flagship projects relevant to the ministry;
  • Provision of appropriate and adequate spatial framework to guide socio-economic development of the county;
  • Provision of efficient and effective land administration services;
  • Facilitation of the provision of secure land tenure;
  • Housing Policy implementation and development;
  • Promotion of Appropriate Building Materials and Technologies for adoption;
  • Inventory update on all Government houses;
  • Maintenance and management of government housing units;
  • Implementation of informal settlement improvement strategies;
  • Facilitation of access to housing finance;
  • Provision and maintenance of current and accurate geospatial information;
  • Provision of capacity for effective and efficient Ministerial service delivery;
  • Promotion of opportunity for inter-Ministerial relationships and public/private partnerships;
  • Institutionalisation of use of information and communication technology (ICT);
  • Regularization of land property rights based on rationalized land use plans and public needs;
  • Coordination of development controls as exercised by various government agencies

Core Values

The ministry will uphold the following core values in undertaking its mandate:-

    Team spirit, consultative and public participation;
    Prompt, effective, impartial, customer responsiveness;
    Integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency;
    Pro-activeness, cost-effectiveness and innovativeness;
    High standards of professional ethics; and
    Gender equity, equality and protection of vulnerable groups