Friday, June, 22, 2018


The functions of land adjudication and settlement are:-facilitating secure of tenure by ascertaining  and recording rights and interests on land; identify arable agricultural land for settlement purposes; facilitate land and development loans acquisition and recovery; and  facilitate preparation of all settlements land records for documentation and land registration process.

The department of administration and planning is composed of; the office of the Executive Committee Member, the Chief Officer and relevant Directorates whose primary duties are:-General administration and coordination of the department; Development and implementation of policies and sector plans to attain vision 2030; Promotion of national values and principles of governance as outlined in article 10 and 232 of the constitution of Kenya; Overseeing management of finances, preparation of budget estimates, annual work plans and programs; Development and implementation of the strategic plans and sector development plans; and Execution of all delegated duties and assignments by the government.