Friday, June, 22, 2018



The physical planning department is charged with the responsibility of preparation of County Spatial Plans and Local Physical Development Plans, Provision of advisory services on appropriate use of land and control of developments within the county.

The core mandate of the department is spatial planning and regulation of physical developments within the county through the following functions;

i). Formulation of plans

Formulation of Spatial Plans/Local Physical Development Plans, policies, guidelines and strategies to ensure provision of relevant infrastructure/necessary amenities within the towns/ urban centres using participatory and empowering approaches.

ii). Preparation of Part Development Plans

Part Development Plans (PDPs) are plans that indicate precise sites for immediate implementation of specific projects or for alien purposes for Public Purpose. Part development plans are prepared from the main development plan to accommodate a specific development project and forms the basis for land allocation. A part development plan may also be prepared to introduce minor changes to a development plan. This process has to be carried out in consultation with the National Land Commission.

iii). Development control

The Physical Planning Office recommends approval of physical development applications in the County. These include Building Plans, Subdivision Plans, Change of Users, Extension of user, Extension of Lease, Land Amalgamation and EIAs.

iv). Advisory services

Advice the County Government and the National Land Commission on the most appropriate use of land including land management matters such as change of user, extension of user, extension of lease, subdivision of land and amalgamation of land. The department also attends to and advises members of the public on Physical Planning issues within the county. As such, members of the public are expected to walk into the Physical Planning Office to get any kind of assistance required on spatial planning issues.

v). Conflict resolution on matters arising from County Spatial Planning

This is done on all conflict related matters arising from County Spatial Planning and implementation. These involve holding meetings as one of the conflict resolution mechanisms within the county.

The Department’s Performance

The department of Physical Planning has over time prepared the following Local Physical Development Plans;

    Nyamira local physical Development plan; the process is ongoing, intention to plan was issued, 1st stakeholders meeting has been set for 5th of February, 2014

    Miruka Local Physical Development Plan; the process of preparation is ongoing and a 1st Stakeholders meeting is yet to be held.

Manga Town Local Physical Development Plan; this is a plan that is in the final stages of completion