Saturday, March, 17, 2018


Finance and Planning activities originate from the County Government departmental activities. These are actions or tasks undertaken by the various departments within the County Government in order to achieve given objectives.  Therefore Finance & Planning focuses on the use of financial information to meet the following purposes:

    Planning:To inform and engage with national government, investors and other stakeholders to obtain the necessary financial resources for recurrent and development expenditures for the County Government.

    Accounting:To record the financial transactions of the County Government departmental activities.

    Compliance:To meet the requirements of national Government, County government and other regulatory bodies.

    Management and Control:To produce and use financial and related information to inform, monitor and instigate operational actions to meet the County government objectives.

    Strategy and Risk:To inform and influence from financial perspective the development and implementation of strategy and manage risk.

The department is tasked with the above functions in financial management control, production and analysis of financial information which includes financial reporting, financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting. The department aims to provide a professional service to other County Government departments in contributing to the Vision. Mission and Values by adopting a proactive approach. It further aims to offers the best service to other County Government departments in terms of guidance and support regarding information on a range of statutory and regulatory issues.The department aims to provide a common structure across administration and financial functions which can operate strategically and deliver value for money in compliance with the Public Finance Management Act 2012.

Finance and Planning has the following main functions for the County Government:-

    Acquisition of funds for the County Government by establishing: (a) Strong revenue collection channels within the county (b) Requesting on behalf of the County Government, the National Treasury allocation (c) Reaching out for investors and development partners.
    Management of funds and planning for expenditure of the funds on various activities.
    Management of financial resources, recording and reporting all its transactions (accounting).
    Management of the daily cash flows.
    Management of the accounts receivables (debtors) and payables (suppliers).
    Management and remittance to regulatory authorities’ taxes from individual employees and other organizations.
    Procuring of goods, works and services on behalf of the County Government’s departments
    Maintenance of Pre-qualified list of suppliers of goods, works and services.
    Management of fixed assets by keeping a record of all the County Government fixed assets inventory.
    Preparation of monthly and quarterly expenditure reports for submission to National Treasury and other regulatory bodies.
    Generation of annual financial statements in accordance to the generally acceptable accounting principles.