Monday, February, 19, 2018


Department’s Policy Objectives
 The Nyamira county Health Sector Vision and Goal aims to realize the following six policy objectives:
1.    Eliminate communicable conditions. This is to be achieved through reducing the burden of communicable diseases until they are no longer of major public health concern.
2.    Halt and reverse the rising burden of non-communicable conditions. This is to be achieved by ensuring clear strategies for implementation of interventions to address all the identified non communicable conditions in the country.
3.    Reduce the burden of violence and injuries. This is to be achieved by putting in place specific strategies, in collaboration with stakeholders in other sectors, which address the underlying causes of injuries and violence.
4.    Provide essential health care. These will include preventive, promotive and curative services that are affordable, equitable, accessible, and responsive to client needs.
5.    Minimize exposure to health risk factors. This aims at strengthening health promoting interventions which address risk factors to health, and facilitating use of products and services that lead to healthy behaviour in the population.
6.    Strengthen collaboration with other sectors. This aims to adopt a ‘Health in all Policies’ approach, which ensures the Health Sector interacts with and influences design, implementation and monitoring processes in all health-related sector actions.