Sunday, March, 18, 2018



This division is responsible for human resource planning, communication, discipline, and staff welfare and pensions management superannuation Schemes and facilitating recruitment training and development. Further, the directorate domesticates and implements National Human Resources policies, values and principles on governance and public service; and rules and regulations of County Public Service. The directorate is also charged with responsibility of Implementation and administration of Terms and Conditions of Service

ii. Division of Payroll Management
This division is charged with managing payroll, allowance and pensions and benefits management Superannuation Schemes

iii. Division of Human Resource Development
The division facilitates recruitment, training and development of staff as well as induction programs for new staffs.

iv. Division of Human resource management
The division is concerned with auditing of the HR function on productivity, compliance and other related factors and establishment and implementation of human resource management information systems. Further the division will keep records. The division is responsible for labour relations and management.