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To be for and with the people in service delivery and development agenda

Provide leadership in governance through enhanced citizen participation and responsive service provision in the County

The department is mandated to undertake the following:
-Leveraging Public participation and civic education in the County
-Administration of the sub-counties, wards and village units
-Support county entities human resource  Management and development of the County public service
-Institutionalize Public service reforms and performance management
-Coordination of  Public communication and relations
-Offering Intergovernmental secretariat services

-County Public service Board
-Salary and remuneration commission
-The industrial court
-County Government
-PSC of Kenya
-County Assembly
-National Government Department of labour
-Government training institute
-County departments
-County Treasury
-External Auditors
-County Assembly

•    Management and coordination of general county administration, public participation & civic education, corporate communication, and human resource management & development;  
•    To provide human resource management support  mechanism to Head of public service in close consultation with County Governor to all departments, entities and sections within the county
•    To facilitate capacity program of planning, implementation and advisory skills services to county departments through county human resources advisory committee
•    Coordinate implementation of various County Government and County Assembly resolutions, consents and undertakings across county departments & entities;
•    Spearhead implementation of Public Service Reforms for modernization of public service delivery;
•    Develop county policies norms, standards, etiquette and protocol
•     Formulate the county policy on Human Resource Management & Development

The department is driven by the following core values
    Integrity
    Professionalism
    Inclusiveness and respect for diversity
    Service to humanity
    Transparency and Accountability

Overall county performance
For the current strategic plan, performance will be taken to be composed of effectiveness, efficiency and relevance. These components will be used to diagnose the overall department performance.
i)    Effectiveness
The effectiveness of the department is measured by the degree to which the department is moving toward attainment of its mission and realizing its goals. The mission statement and other documents provide reason for existence of the department. The effectiveness indicators used by the department include, quality of services and programmes, growth indicators in terms of coverage of programmes, services, clients and funding.
ii)    Efficiency
The members of staff in the department are used to the best of their abilities and optimal use is made of financial resources. Timeliness of service delivery, employee absenteeism and turnover rates, cost per program, cost per client and cost-benefit of a program are the key efficiency indicators used by the department
iii)    Relevance
The department recognizes the need for regular revisions of service delivery innovations reflecting changing environments and capacities, creates or adapts to new technologies and monitors it reputation.

Organization of PADCU
The Department of Public Administration and Coordination of Devolved Units is composed of three directorates namely; human resource management and development, administration, public participation and civic education and cooperate communication.  The technical departments are supported by administrative services composed of clerical and support staff.
Directorate of Human Resource Management & Development

The Directorate is responsible for management and development of entire county human resource base. Specifically is undertakes public service reform, performance management, capacity building and training and knowledge management. The directorate is mandated to undertake the following functions:
•    Public Service Reform and Performance Management;
•    Research, Development and Service Delivery Innovations, including the Huduma Centres;
•    Human Resource Management and Development;
•    Training and Capacity Building; and
•    Public Service Transformation including Organization Design & Development, Career Design & Development, Operational Standards and Process Re- Engineering.
•    Public Services Management Information System and Public Sector Innovation,
•    Research and Knowledge Management.
•    Facilitation of all county capacity programs
To carry out these functions, the directorate is structured into four divisions namely:


This division is responsible for human resource planning, communication, discipline, and staff welfare and pensions management superannuation Schemes and facilitating recruitment training and development. Further, the directorate domesticates and implements National Human Resources policies, values and principles on governance and public service; and rules and regulations of County Public Service. The directorate is also charged with responsibility of Implementation and administration of Terms and Conditions of Service

ii. Division of Payroll Management
This division is charged with managing payroll, allowance and pensions and benefits management Superannuation Schemes

iii. Division of Human Resource Development
The division facilitates recruitment, training and development of staff as well as induction programs for new staffs.

iv. Division of Human resource management
The division is concerned with auditing of the HR function on productivity, compliance and other related factors and establishment and implementation of human resource management information systems. Further the division will keep records. The division is responsible for labour relations and management.




CEC, Chief Officer ( Public Administration) & CS make presentations During the Performance Management Workshop For Administrators (Sub County & Ward) At Kisumu Hotel On June 2nd -5th, 2015