Sunday, March, 18, 2018


Investment Opportunities
Milk production in the county has been on a steady rise; however, demand outstrips production by 45 million litres. There are investment opportunities in milk production, value addition, feeds manufacture and dairy goat production. The county government is encouraging use of artificial insemination and other modern breeding technologies. In poultry production the county government is investing in upgrading of indigenous chicken, dual purpose poultry. The county has a demand of 460 million eggs; however, production is 17 million. There are opportunities in egg and broiler production. Bee keeping has made tremendous progress in the recent past. This has seen the rise in use of Langstroth and Kenya Top Bar Hives (KTBH) and rapid decrease in traditional hives.120 tons of honey were produced last year. Honey processing unit has been set up in Nyamusi division of Nyamira North District.