Sunday, March, 18, 2018


The policy initiative in the subsector includes promotion of aquaculture development, enforcement of legislation, quality assurance through safe handling of fish and fishery products and management and conservation of fishery resources. Fish farming in the county has been on a steady rise mainly of Nile, Tilapia and Catfish. Production of fish in the county is estimated at 470 tons against a demand of 45,500 tons per year. There are investment opportunities in fish farming (Nile, Tilapia and Catfish. production) cage culture (production of fish in cages in large dams in the county), fish farming input supply e.g. nets, feeds, lime etc, production, quality fingerling production ornamental fish production and aquaria (gold fish), aqua parks for sport fishing and tourism. Value additions of fish products and fish bait production are other opportunities that have not been ventured into. A-fish-farm-at-Miruka-in-Nyamira-county-300×168 A Senior Fisheries Officer Mrs. Kidera (3rd from Right)) takes ECM Mrs. Mong’are around a fish farm at Miruka in Nyamira County, a manager of the farm explains a point to the team A-private-fish-farm-at-kebirigo-in-Nyamira-County.-300×168 Mrs. Peris Mong’are, the E.C.M for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries accompanied by Senior Fisheries Officer Mr S. Kidera (R), inspects a private fish farm at Kebirigo in Nyamira County.