Sunday, March, 18, 2018


Main food crops Maize Maize is the stable food in the county. Its production dropped from 86,794tons in 2011 to 26,826 tons in 2012 due to maize lethal necrotic disease (MLND) that affected most of the farms. The potential yield per Ha of 40 bags per Ha has not been realized since the current yield is about 30 bags per Ha. The county government has endeavored to minimize maize disease which has drastically reduced maize production in the county, pledged to improve on production and post harvest handling of the crop to achieve sufficiency in the sub counties. Beans The production of beans increased from 15,893 tons in 2011 to 16,502 tons in 2012. The increase was attributed to emphasis on the crop to compensate the maize failure especially in Borabu sub- county. ii) Cash crops · Tea Tea continued to be a major cash crop in Nyamira County. This is attributed to soil and climatic conditions. Average production is 6.6 tons/ Ha. Challenges in the Tea Industry in Nyamira County are: low acreage / farmer due to small land holdings, Competition for the same inputs, low application of fertilizers, unfavourable weather conditions, tea hawking and poor road networks Coffee The full potential in coffee production has not been fully exploited. Although there are still challenges in production, marketing and value addition, there has been improvement in the last 3 years with Coffee Societies being the major market outlet is the county. Pyrethrum Nyamira is one of the major areas where pyrethrum is grown in Kenya and being a potential area of high quality and quantity of pyrethrum, we can get multiple produce. Currently there is an estimated 468 pyrethrum growers in the county who are small scale farmers with less than 5acres of land. Production of pyrethrum flowers has increased steadily from 2898 kgs in 2010 to 5088 kgs in 2013. Currently, Ksh. 150 million has been set aside by the pyrethrum board to pay farmers Ksh. 100 per kg of dry flowers on delivery. The balance will be paid after two weeks whether processing has taken place or not.