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Education and ICT


The Department is committed to offer Quality, accessible and equitable pre-primary education With the aim of improving enrollment rate in pre primary level nationally. We have energetic youth with the potential for reservoir in labor, building their skills will improve the current employment rates of 42%.

To achieve our commitments we want to offer our investors the opportunity to invest in the following key areas:
-We will facilitate Construction and equipping 5 new ECD centers one per each sub county
-We will also renovate and equip the (406) existing ECD centers in the county. We also intent to partner with stake holders to provide pre primary      school health and feeding programs for the Youth.
-We have constructed 26 Polytechnic training centers and we also intend to construct one youth polytechnic and one home craft centre per sub county . 
-We will oversee Renovation and equipping the (29) existing polytechnics in the county

- Construction of County higher learning institutions(university & colleges)

Investment Opportunities in Education and Technology
•    Construction of ECDE centers and classrooms
•    Construction of Polytechnics
•    Construction of Home craft centres
•    Rolling of E-learning platform in county secondary schools

•    ICT Infrastructure & ICT hubs
•    ICT Training
•    ICT Supplies & Support services
•    ICT Systems for Business
•    Public Private  partnership (PPP)
•    E-learning platform in schools

The National Fiber Internet Cable will be expanded to cover Schools, Offices, Police stations, etc

                               fiber optic cables                                                                      ICT hub                                                                                                      E-learning platform

•    This will ensure access to online services and enhanced communication
•    Free Wi-Fi 
•    Infrastructure to be built in Nyamira Town & its sub counties
•    To promote access to online services by citizens, businesses, investors, etc

ICT Training in Schools & Tertiary Colleges
•    ICT hubs in schools
•    Empowering citizens for online services, ICT jobs
•    Providing opportunities to investors (supplies, support, etc)
•    Computer Labs in Schools, with Internet connection
•    Empowering our youth with relevant skills for jobs
•    Empowering businesses in relation to ICT (cyber cafes)

ICT Systems/Products
•    For use by the County Government & Businesses
•    Local solutions to local problems (e.g., Land Management Systems and Business Permit Renewal Management System)

ICT supplies & Support Services
•    Promoting business & jobs creation
•    Empowering our youth through job creation
•    Attracting ICT Investors