Transport, Roads and Public Works

Road Network.

Nyamira County has 1117 KM of classified roads as distributed in the table below:-

 S.No.   Consitituency  Road Network(KM)  Responsibility 
 1.  North Mugirango Borabu   410  County/KeRRA
 2.  West Mugirango  296  County/KeRRA
 3.  Kitutu Masaba  305  County/KeRRA
 4.  ABC  106  KENHA

The above network does not include recently opened roads.

Mr. Omanwa`s vision for Nyamira County is to develop a comprehensive all-weather roads network to support the rich agricultural potential of the County, ensure institutional public buildings are well developed as well as ensure privately developed buildings are well planned. He also needs to make public transport orderly. He has to sort out the haphazard growth that has accentuated the development of towns and market centres so that proper bus and car parks, storm water drainage are properly developed, in this County which has substantial rains.

In the area of development of roads,Omanwa plans to predominantly use Labour based approaches especially in opening up of new access roads so that the youths in the County could benefit economically from the development activities.