Department of Land, Housing and Urban Development

Core Values
The ministry will uphold the following core values in undertaking its mandate:-

    Team spirit, consultative and public participation;
    Prompt, effective, impartial, customer responsiveness;
    Integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency;
    Pro-activeness, cost-effectiveness and innovativeness;
    High standards of professional ethics; and
    Gender equity, equality and protection of vulnerable groups

The Ministry is divided into three major sections, namely;

In Kenya, land tenure is classified into three broad categories: communal land, Government trust land, and privately owned land. The communal land ownership system is based on traditional customary rights, and all individuals born in that community have a right to use but not sell it.  Government trust land is land held by ministries, state corporations or other public institutions for public use such as buildings, forests, research and national parks.  Privately owned lands are registered; the owner holds the title under a freehold or leasehold system. The owner of such land can use it as collateral to access credit. Private ownership of land has encouraged investment and long-term improvements or development on farms to create a secure market for land.

The following are range of services provided by lands department:

    Policy formulation for management and administration of land;
    Processing and issuance of title deeds;
    Registration of land transactions and other legal documents;
    Determination of land and boundary disputes;
    Generation and collection of land revenue and other fees;
    Provision of reliable land information; and
    Valuation of land and assets and various purposes


The functions of land adjudication and settlement are:-facilitating secure of tenure by ascertaining  and recording rights and interests on land; identify arable agricultural land for settlement purposes; facilitate land and development loans acquisition and recovery; and  facilitate preparation of all settlements land records for documentation and land registration process.