Finance and Planning

Finance and Planning has the following main functions for the County Government:-
i) Acquisition of funds for the County Government by establishing: (a) Strong revenue collection channels within the county (b) Requesting on behalf of the County Government, the National Treasury allocation (c) Reaching out for investors and development partners.

ii) Management of funds and planning for expenditure of the funds on various activities.

iii) Management of financial resources, recording and reporting all its transactions (accounting).

iv) Management of the daily cash flows.

v) Management of the accounts receivables (debtors) and payables (suppliers).

vi) Management and remittance to regulatory authorities’ taxes from individual employees and other organizations.

vii) Procuring of goods, works and services on behalf of the County Government’s departments

viii) Maintenance of Pre-qualified list of suppliers of goods, works and services.

xiv) Management of fixed assets by keeping a record of all the County Government fixed assets inventory.

x) Preparation of monthly and quarterly expenditure reports for submission to National Treasury and other regulatory bodies.

xi) Generation of annual financial statements in accordance to the generally acceptable accounting principles.