Trade, Tourism and Cooperative Development


To be a global leader in promoting Trade, Investment and Private Sector Development.
Mission Statement

To facilitate Trade and Investment by championing an enabling environment for domestissc and export business to thrive.



Communication: to ensure smooth flow of information for both internal and external Integrity and Transparency: to be accountable and devoid of corrupt practices in service delivery.

Commitment: to devote all our official time to our duties and undertake to deal with customers without unnecessary delays.

Innovativeness and Creativity: to be open and proactive in seeking better and more efficient methods of service delivery.

Teamwork: to encourage team spirit as a way of maximising the synergy of working together for improved service delivery.

Identity Statement

We advance our Mission by strengthening Trade and Investment by promoting value addition and partnering with stakeholders

To develop strategies that will make Trade the main engine of growth for Nyamira County.

To increase and improve market access

To improve Trade facilitation processes and producers between Nyamira County and her trading partners.

To ensure that Natural Resources are sustainably used in Trade activities.

To integrate Nyamira County into the County trading economy.

To harmonise cross-cutting issues with Nyamira Trade Policy initiative.


Trade sector stands for the mutual exchange of goods, services or both. Basicaly trade focuses on exchange of goods between two parties, namely “bilateral trade” or among more than two parties, namely “multilateral trade”

The trade sector comprises distribution and wholesale, retail and informal trade, international trade, trade in seriveces and electronic trade.

Minister addressing traders at Nyabomite market during a sensitization workshop.

The department of Tourism recently participated in the national tourism gala held at Mombasa County.

Nyamira County is a haven of spectacular eco-beauty, can only be described as Africa’s Second Eden. The County being situated on the western highlands; hills and valleys mark the territory’s physical features which also serve as potential tourist attraction points.Industrialisation is seen as a single global process of structural change.