Gender, Youth, Sports and Cultural Services

The Directorate of General Services manages the human resources programmes of the ministry; ensures vacant post are filled; ensures competent staff are recruited and retained; process administrative issues; handles disciplinary matters; operates and maintains the human resources records and systems and administers the ministry’s HIV policies and guidelines.

It also provides administrative support systems within the ministry; prepares tenders and procures goods and services; manages the information systems and equipment; runs the training programmes; prepares budgets, capital development projects, annual reports, strategic plans and contributions of the ministry to the county and national development plans. Its major programmes include personnel administration, auxiliary services, information technology, financial administration and human resources planning and development.

Sport Directorate

The Directorate of Sport aims at construction of sports facilities and the appointment of regional sports officers, promoting unity and construction and regional and international cooperation through sports; developing a healthy and disciplined county through sport contribution to county and national development. The secretariat will initiate working agreements on sports between Nyamira County and other counties.

The Directorate will have two divisions :- Gender & youth, culture and sports and social services that will take care of Arts Education & Training, and Arts Promotion and Creative Industry Development, and sports development.

It implements the gender youth, sports and cultural policy and programmes outlined in the county development plan.  It aims to identify artistic talent and to do professional development through arts education programmes to ensure marketable career paths in the arts and audio visual media. The secretariat will aim at promoting, showcasing and marketing the arts through support to county arts institutions for visual and performing arts, i.e. the county Theatre of Nyamira County and the County museum and Art Gallery. It will also develop the arts industry through the county culture, sports and Arts Council of which does advocacy and gives support to artists and non governmental arts organizations. In addition, the directorate does research in the arts, maintains a data base of artists, and implements special programmes resulting from bilateral agreements.