Governor Nyaribo and his Deputy dispel political split rumours

H.E Governor Amos Nyaribo addressing opinion leaders from five Wards in West Mugirango at Viongozi Centre where he and his Deputy Dr James Gesami dispelled rumours that they have parted ways, politically

H.E Governor Amos Nyaribo and his Deputy Dr James Gesami today dispelled rumours that they have politically parted ways ahead of the forthcoming general elections.

The duo said they will remain united and will go as one unit in defending their gubernatorial seat and a shame their opponents who wish they get divided in order to politically beat them easily.

Governor Nyaribo asked his political supporters and those of his Deputy to ignore rumours doing rounds that Dr Gesami will oppose him for the County top seat.

“This is a propaganda that has been hatched by our opponents who have realised that they will not be able to defeat us at the polls if we remain united. They are panicking and they now want to confuse our supporters but we are telling them that we will remain firm and united like a metal to the end,” Mr Nyaribo said.

Dr Gesami told the rumour mongers that he and his Boss were like Siamese twins that cannot survive without each other.

“When my Boss appointed me, we agreed that I remain being his Deputy up to 2027. Let me tell those wishing that we part ways that we are inseparable. We are like Siamese twins who cannot survive if separated,” Dr Gesami said.

The two County top leaders were addressing journalists at Viongozi Centre after holding a meeting with opinion leaders drawn from all five Wards in West Mugirango Constituency.

The opinion leaders who included the clergy, youth leaders, tea factories directors and women leaders assured the Governor and his Deputy of their political support.

Governor Nyaribo used the occasion to castigate local politicians who had developed a tendency of using funerals as political grounds where they threw jibes at their political nemesis.

“I ask politicians to stop using youths to echo their political opponents at funerals,” he said, adding that such meetings should be dedicated in consoling bereaved families.


(By Governor’s Press Services)

January 11,2022